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"We come to realize that ultimate reality embraces us in boundless compassion and wisdom."

The Buddhist Church of Fowler is a place for everyone to listen to and share the Shin Buddhist teachings.


The vision of the Buddhist Church of Fowler is a welcoming community made up of individuals seeking spiritual awakening through Shin Buddhism, lasting friendships, and a cultural experience, dedicated to providing positive life experiences for generations to come.


The Buddhist Church of Fowler is a Jodo Shinshu (Pure Land) Buddhist church.  We are a member of the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) and our main temple is the Nishi Hongwanji-ha Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan.

All the schools of Buddhism begin with the life of Siddhartha Gautama, who is known as Shakyamuni Buddha, the great sage of the Shakya clan, our historical Buddha.  Shakyamuni Buddha was a living, breathing, human being and was the only teacher who has emphasized this fact.    He attributed all of his attainments to human endeavors, not divine inspiration from any external factor.

Shinran Shonin (1173-1262) is our founder and whose teachings are the basis of Jodo Shinshu.  Although he used the name Gutoku (gu means ignorant and toku means stubble-haired, implying he was neither a monk nor a layperson), he was posthumously given the name Kenshin Daishi (Great Teacher, Seer of Truth).  He was acknowledged as someone who could “see what eyes cannot see.”

Like Shinran, we too can learn to see ourselves as we truly are.  Through ever deepening cycles of learning and experience, we come to see ourselves and our lives with growing clarity.  Our lives are expanded through deeply hearing the dharma, leading us to self-reflection and critical self-examination. We come to realize that ultimate reality embraces us in boundless compassion and wisdom, and we naturally respond with great joy and gratitude.  Our life becomes one of meaning and growth, and this process begins again on a deeper and more refined level. 
– The Six Aspects of Jodo Shinshu, Rev. Seigen H. Yamaoka, BCA, 1982

The most meaningful aspect of the Pure Land teachings is their inclusive nature, offering a path of Buddhist practice that is open to all people regardless of their means and abilities.  The Buddhist Church of Fowler welcomes all visitors.  Please check our calendar for our service schedule.

Our Ministers

Rev. Kakei Nakagawa

Reverend Kakei Nakagawa, Rinban, the head minister of the Betsuin (the direct branch of mother temple) who is representing the Monshu His Eminence Ohtani Kojun of Nishi-Honganji in Kyoto, Japan.

Nakagawa Sensei was first assigned to the Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple from 1992 to 1994, and later as resident minister of the Oxnard Buddhist Temple and supervising minister of the Buddhist Church of Santa Barbara from 1994 to 2001, and was resident minister of the White River Buddhist Temple from 2001 to 2012. Since March of 2012, he has been the Rinban of the Honpa-Honganji Betsuin, Fresno Buddhist Temple.


Rev. Kaz Nakata

Rev. Kaz Nakata, M.A., M.B.A., has been a Kaikyoshi minister at Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple and oversee Visalia Buddhist Temple, Hanford Buddhist Church, Buddhist Church of Fowler, Reedley Buddhist Church, Dinuba Buddhist Church, and Buddhist Church of Parlier since August 2019.

He joined Myoganji Temple in Hyogo Japan for his ministerial training in 2000. He received both Tokudo Ordination and Kyoshi Certification in 2001, and completed Kaikyoshi Overseas Minister Training Program at Kyoto Hongwanji International Department in August of 2001.



Maui Wildfire Disaster Relief

Maui Wildfire Disaster Relief In response to the fire that has devastated Maui, the BCA has put in place the following disaster relief effort to help support our Dharma friends...

Memorial Flag Signing

Japanese American Incarceration Memorial Project Flag Signing Event Saturday, April 2, 2022Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.@ Fowler Buddhist Church Inspired by Santa Clara County...

Kinnara Taiko Webinar

Kinnara Taiko Webinar Learn "Ashura" in three (3) WebinarsSundays in AprilApril 10, April 17, April 24, 2022Time: 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. PST REGISTER

BON ODORI Sharing Session & Obon Forum 2022

BON ODORISharing Session & Obon Forum 2022 SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2022 • 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. PST REGISTER HERE For Zoom link: The purpose of the Bon Odori...

BCA NCM Workshop

BCA NCM Workshops Free and Open to all. Saturday, March 5th and Sunday, March 13th, 2022. Go to  for more information and to join the events.

CCNF Shredding Service Fundraiser

CCNF Shredding Service Fundraiser THURS, MAY 13, 2021 (9A - 12P) Securely dispose of personal documents, paperwork, tax papers, outdated checks, etc. LIMIT: 3 Banker sized boxes...

TechnoBuddha Conference

TechnoBuddha Conference! An interesting educational opportunity is coming up soon, courtesy of the BCA. Past BCA President Rick Stambul is the keynote speaker for the...

“Jewels” by Dr. Ken Tanaka

Dr. Ken Tanaka has written a new book titled "Jewels" and it's a casual introduction to American Buddhism that is geared towards the Youth, Scouts and the Young At Heart. The...

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